Just something up

2009-12-23 22:26:36 by Nutronic

Just putting something new up. Working on a project but very slowly. perhaps have it out by late next year huh?

Second opening underway

2008-02-27 00:45:18 by Nutronic

We have the second Opening for my comic/flashtoon underway. Would be nice if I had another spriter, but I think we'll first pump out a few episodes before I post another request. Just to show we know what we're doing, have a great script, and are serious about getting this done. Thanks to Camelman, & Ferris for signing up!

Scratch that, Second spriter found. Things seem to be going smoothly, hopefully the flash will be out by friday next week huh?


2008-02-13 02:22:25 by Nutronic

I'm looking for either spriters, Webmasters, or flash artist.

Any or all would be a lot of help in me getting my comic finished.

Tch, it's taken a year longer to complete than it sould have because I honestly can't do it all alone. I'm a jack of all trades, but the best in none, which is why I'd love some specialiezed help. So please, if you want to help, just reply here and I'll hunt you down myself.


Welcome to Camel and Ferris, who've decide to throw thier hats in on the project. This is a great step towards getting things done on time, and quickly. However, if there is still anyone interested in joining, please don't hesitate.